How to Choose Wood Flooring That’s Right for Your Home?

Hardwood floors add a sense of elegance to any abode, no matter what your style. With impressive aesthetics and high functionality, it’s a popular choice nationwide. Choosing the wood flooring that’s right for your home, however, can be a challenging decision. With so many types, lengths, and styles, which works best for you?

Wood Type

The type of wood you choose is entirely up to preference. Popular choices include ash, cherry, hickory, maple, oak, and walnut.


Each lends a unique appearance to your home, from circles in the design to the reflection of lighting.

Of all the available wood flooring options, oak is the most popular. In addition to affordability, it’s durable and easy to stain, so you can decorate the wood with unique colors and designs. If you’re seeking a lighter, more contemporary look, white oak makes an excellent choice. Darker choices, such as cherry and walnut, create a richer aesthetic.

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