shutterstock_668610136In the case of bamboo floor, you will need to determine whether to buy unfinished or prefinished oak flooring.

Prefinished oak flooring is a kind of flooring which takes much less time to be installed. The planks in this case have been completed before laying the flooring. For this reason, you can determine what colour and tone that the floor will have once fitted. Such boards are usually finished with the usage of wax oils or lacquers.

Unfinished oak flooring is a type of flooring made from planks that require finishing after setup. In the case of unfinished floors any type of finish can be implemented to achieve the desired effect.

Every homeowner should determine whether prefinished or unfinished bamboo floor is a better option for them. Wood flooring upkeep is an aspect which needs to be considered at this point.

Finished oak floors will naturally fade over time and are more vulnerable to indications of wear, no matter of what complete you have chosen. For this reason, you might want to”refresh” the oak floor to revive the boards.

In the instance of prefinished floors, at times it can be tough to determine precisely the product that was originally applied to finish the floor. Because of this, you might find it tough to choose the products that will be appropriate to refresh the floor finish or recoat particular areas. It can be tricky to correctly repair visible marks that might need sanding.

As far as unfinished bamboo floor is concerned, you have chosen and applied the finish by yourself. That’s why you know just what kind of finish was applied and that which oils are appropriate for it. With hard wax oil end, remember that several of the brands recommend specific maintenance oils which will revitalize the end if it’s dulled. More critical marks on the floor can be sanded off and then coated .

Both unfinished and prefinished bamboo floors require special day daily cleaning. It’s essential, as it will create your flooring last longer and look good. Sweep the floor regularly to prevent dust from accumulating there. It is possible to achieve the same result, by flushing it on a regular basis. Without such regular upkeep , the flooring may get damaged, since these particles could be pushed across the ground and make scratches, which makes the floor look unsightly.


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