shutterstock_264006611If you’re searching for the best hardwood floors, each person has their own priorities put. For some, it is design. For others, it may be price. No one wants to break their back wanting to maintain their hardwood floors looking clean and new.

With the selection of options out there, it may be tough to know where to begin when looking for hardwood floors that are simple to keep. But there are a few aspects which you are able to take under consideration when picking the right hardwood flooring for your dwelling.


Even when you’ve got a style in mind, the color wood you’ll select can play a big part when it comes to practicality. Darker colors can scratch more easily, and any dirt or stains will be visible without the right finish. They would be better picks for rooms in which there is not a lot of walking around, or in which furniture isn’t moved around a lot of.

Lighter colors, on the other hand, can conceal dust or dirt quite well because of the grains, as well as the color tone of the timber. They wouldn’t be quite as observable in Ash White hardwood floors, as an example. Another excellent option would be multi-tone hardwood floors, because it has a obviously”stained” look for it.


One large problem with anything made from wood is dealing with humidity. It can create wood wear out very fast by contracting and expanding, losing its shape, shape, and/or color. When there are lots of kinds out there which are resistant, a number of the best options are engineered woods. The inside of these forests are produced to prevent warping. But it’s important to pick an option with thicker wear layers, since they are more resistant to scratches.


This scale was created to identify and classify the density of the wood. The main reason why this is significant is because, the denser it is, the more durable it could be. This means it won’t dent or scratch so easily, which makes it ideal for many businesses or social spaces. The softest wood ever measured, Balsa, rated 22 lbf (pounds-force), although the toughest one enrolled was Australian Buloke, in 5,060 lbf.


The end on your hardwood floors can help keep them for longer based on your choice. Glossy finishes, although not as hot anymore, are excellent for maintenance.

There’s another way to classify hardwood flooring finishes, which can be by its foundation. Oil-based polyurethane adds a glow to the timber whilst also having the ability to defy the natural motion of the timber. On the other hand, acrylic urethane (also called water-based) makes the resin more immune to wear like scratches, but it is much less resistant to heat or solvents. Therefore, an oil-based finish may make keeping the wood simpler in the long term.

It’s possible to locate a common ground between the design and color you have in mind and a hardwood floor option that will not be too hard to maintain! Just try to test as many items off this list, and you’ll be able to pick the option that best fits your priorities.


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