Finishing a basement is one of the most popular house renovation jobs among homeowners at the U.S. It is no wonder since basements house a great deal of unused space which may be turned into a huge array of alternatives to meet your lifestyle. Having a basement renovation, it is possible to bring a family room, an additional bedroom, a bath, recreation space, home gym, home office, toy room, family room, or just about whatever you would like.

A key part of your basement renovation is choosing a great flooring option — something which will look great, be comfortable, and work on a concrete foundation, where moisture can sometimes be an issue.

If you thought hardwood floors weren’t a choice, because of extra moisture, then we’ve got great news for you! For homeowners that adore solid hardwood flooring, we have a solution — engineered hardwood flooring.


Engineered wood floors are designed for use in places where moisture can’t be controlled, such as on a concrete slab. As opposed to a solid piece of timber, that will warp when exposed to moisture, engineered timber planks are composed of multiple layers of wood that are glued, pressed, heated, then coated with a thin veneer of wood on top. This process makes the flooring less susceptible to warping. An engineered hardwood flooring looks every bit as amazing as a good hardwood floor and is typically pre-finished and ready to use right after installation is finished.


Engineered wood floors should be set up over a moisture barrier and underlayment. Humidity levels below floor are too inconsistent to risk skipping the additional protection given by a moisture barrier. There are glue-down choices that are designed to safeguard the completed floor from changing moisture levels below the finished floor. A much better option is to have them professionally installed.

With all of the beautifully engineered hardwood flooring options in the marketplace these days and professional installation methods that include a moisture barrier and underlayment, there’s no reason you can not delight in the beauty of a hardwood floor in your new basement living space!

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shutterstock_264006611If you’re searching for the best hardwood floors, each person has their own priorities put. For some, it is design. For others, it may be price. No one wants to break their back wanting to maintain their hardwood floors looking clean and new.

With the selection of options out there, it may be tough to know where to begin when looking for hardwood floors that are simple to keep. But there are a few aspects which you are able to take under consideration when picking the right hardwood flooring for your dwelling.


Even when you’ve got a style in mind, the color wood you’ll select can play a big part when it comes to practicality. Darker colors can scratch more easily, and any dirt or stains will be visible without the right finish. They would be better picks for rooms in which there is not a lot of walking around, or in which furniture isn’t moved around a lot of.

Lighter colors, on the other hand, can conceal dust or dirt quite well because of the grains, as well as the color tone of the timber. They wouldn’t be quite as observable in Ash White hardwood floors, as an example. Another excellent option would be multi-tone hardwood floors, because it has a obviously”stained” look for it.


One large problem with anything made from wood is dealing with humidity. It can create wood wear out very fast by contracting and expanding, losing its shape, shape, and/or color. When there are lots of kinds out there which are resistant, a number of the best options are engineered woods. The inside of these forests are produced to prevent warping. But it’s important to pick an option with thicker wear layers, since they are more resistant to scratches.


This scale was created to identify and classify the density of the wood. The main reason why this is significant is because, the denser it is, the more durable it could be. This means it won’t dent or scratch so easily, which makes it ideal for many businesses or social spaces. The softest wood ever measured, Balsa, rated 22 lbf (pounds-force), although the toughest one enrolled was Australian Buloke, in 5,060 lbf.


The end on your hardwood floors can help keep them for longer based on your choice. Glossy finishes, although not as hot anymore, are excellent for maintenance.

There’s another way to classify hardwood flooring finishes, which can be by its foundation. Oil-based polyurethane adds a glow to the timber whilst also having the ability to defy the natural motion of the timber. On the other hand, acrylic urethane (also called water-based) makes the resin more immune to wear like scratches, but it is much less resistant to heat or solvents. Therefore, an oil-based finish may make keeping the wood simpler in the long term.

It’s possible to locate a common ground between the design and color you have in mind and a hardwood floor option that will not be too hard to maintain! Just try to test as many items off this list, and you’ll be able to pick the option that best fits your priorities.



shutterstock_668610136In the case of bamboo floor, you will need to determine whether to buy unfinished or prefinished oak flooring.

Prefinished oak flooring is a kind of flooring which takes much less time to be installed. The planks in this case have been completed before laying the flooring. For this reason, you can determine what colour and tone that the floor will have once fitted. Such boards are usually finished with the usage of wax oils or lacquers.

Unfinished oak flooring is a type of flooring made from planks that require finishing after setup. In the case of unfinished floors any type of finish can be implemented to achieve the desired effect.

Every homeowner should determine whether prefinished or unfinished bamboo floor is a better option for them. Wood flooring upkeep is an aspect which needs to be considered at this point.

Finished oak floors will naturally fade over time and are more vulnerable to indications of wear, no matter of what complete you have chosen. For this reason, you might want to”refresh” the oak floor to revive the boards.

In the instance of prefinished floors, at times it can be tough to determine precisely the product that was originally applied to finish the floor. Because of this, you might find it tough to choose the products that will be appropriate to refresh the floor finish or recoat particular areas. It can be tricky to correctly repair visible marks that might need sanding.

As far as unfinished bamboo floor is concerned, you have chosen and applied the finish by yourself. That’s why you know just what kind of finish was applied and that which oils are appropriate for it. With hard wax oil end, remember that several of the brands recommend specific maintenance oils which will revitalize the end if it’s dulled. More critical marks on the floor can be sanded off and then coated .

Both unfinished and prefinished bamboo floors require special day daily cleaning. It’s essential, as it will create your flooring last longer and look good. Sweep the floor regularly to prevent dust from accumulating there. It is possible to achieve the same result, by flushing it on a regular basis. Without such regular upkeep , the flooring may get damaged, since these particles could be pushed across the ground and make scratches, which makes the floor look unsightly.


Why Tile Floors Are Perfect For Hosting Holiday Parties

shutterstock_557820733The holiday season might not bring all the snow which it does in other areas of the nation, but we love to gather around with loved ones and create memories. If you’re hosting family and friends in your house this holiday season, it is important to get floors which are up to the task. Here in Refinishing Parquet Floors Co., we believe tile floors are the perfect choice.

Durability & Beauty: A Combination Worth Celebrating

Together with guests coming over during the holiday period, it is vitally important you choose floors that are capable hold up to extra foot traffic in addition to the inevitable accidents that are on their way. Whether grandma inadvertently drops a bowl of cranberry sauce or the dog knocks a glass of wine off the counter, drops and spills will take place. But thanks to the durability of tile flooring, it is possible to quickly clean up the accident and get back to the party without worrying about cracks, dents, breaks or scratches. Tile is relatively more expensive compared to other flooring choices, but because of its durability, its an investment you will be able to enjoy for several years to come.

Durability alone is only one thing we should think about when picking a new flooring, though. When our experts are finished with the installation, family members and friends will be in awe of the beauty of your new floors. With so many alternatives available out of slate into travertine into marble, there are an infinite number of alternatives for layout possibilities. You can also decide on grout colour and pattern layout to customize the floor even more to your property. It is important to consider the overall aesthetic of the room whenever you’re installing tilebut it’s difficult to go wrong with all the inherent beauty of vinyl floors.

Take The Next Step Toward Tile

Thanks to our specialists at Refinishing Parquet Floors Co., there is still time to upgrade your floors in advance of your holiday celebrations. When you have already picked out the ground of your dreams or just want more information, be sure to get a free in-home estimate and start the celebrating early!


shutterstock_626435741When contemplating having hardwood floors installed in your house, you’ll need to think of the practicalities involved with having such a floor covering. Hardwood flooring is practical for most people, particularly those with children and pets since it saves a considerable quantity of time in regards to cleaning.

Among many advantages to hardwood floors is the fact it can be cleaned in numerous ways and it takes far less time than it might to hoover a carpeting. Your hardwood flooring will be extremely easy to care for and maintain. To be able to ensure that you are taking care of your flooring in the best possible manner, a hardwood floor expert will provide you advice about its upkeep when they come to install it.

It’s essential that you hire a specialist to set up your new hardwood flooring, especially in the event that you would like the job doing properly and to a high standard. The quality and finish of your hardwood flooring will be sensational and you won’t be left disappointed with the service you get. Every care will be made to ensure you are satisfied.


janka-hardness-scaleThe comparative hardness levels of a particular type of wood could be measured by the Brinell or Janka hardness tests.

The type of wood floor you’ve got in your home can dictate how often the flooring will need to be refinished or may need replacing in its entirety. Some species of wood, such as pine are comparatively soft so will indicate easier than forms made from wood species such as oak.

The Brinell test measures the hardness of the timber by pushing a steel ball into the wood with a specific force. The ball includes a predetermined diameter and the impression left by the ball is subsequently utilized to assess the relative hardness of their wood. It follows then that the bigger impression left by the ball the thicker the wood. This is repeated at several areas across the wood surface and an average figure for brinell testhardness determined.

The other method used to measure relative wood hardness is called the Janka test. This method also uses a metal ball of a predetermined diameter.

However in this case the ball is pushed to the wood until half of the ball’s diameter is put within the timber surface. The force required to do this is measured and it is this that will be utilized to ascertain the relative hardness of the timber.


How to Choose Wood Flooring That’s Right for Your Home?

Hardwood floors add a sense of elegance to any abode, no matter what your style. With impressive aesthetics and high functionality, it’s a popular choice nationwide. Choosing the wood flooring that’s right for your home, however, can be a challenging decision. With so many types, lengths, and styles, which works best for you?

Wood Type

The type of wood you choose is entirely up to preference. Popular choices include ash, cherry, hickory, maple, oak, and walnut.


Each lends a unique appearance to your home, from circles in the design to the reflection of lighting.

Of all the available wood flooring options, oak is the most popular. In addition to affordability, it’s durable and easy to stain, so you can decorate the wood with unique colors and designs. If you’re seeking a lighter, more contemporary look, white oak makes an excellent choice. Darker choices, such as cherry and walnut, create a richer aesthetic.

Want a brand new shiny floor for your home?

Want a brand new shiny floor for your home?


Do you think about renovation? If you want to replace your old carpets with a modern interior design, our specialists will find the best offers for you. Wood flooring looks so classy and goes well with every kind of furniture. If you already have an wood flooring is even easyer to remove the carpet and show it up. Most of the wooden floors that have been hidden under the carpet for years have lost thir shine and the right procedure to bring it back is called sanding! Sanding will definitely transform the atmosphere at your home. Don’t be afraid when you hear the word “sanding”. We work with new technologies that guarantee lack of dust. For sanding, we use 99% dust FREE machines – yes, we think about your comfort.
If your not exactly fan of these classical design looks, but prefer something like country or gothic style, we will offer you finish colours with white, red, brown, black overtones.
We know that it’s really important to feel cozy when you are home. Our experts work with pleasure at wooden floor business and they really know how to construct a modern, cool, innovated interior look. Together we will create the best wood flooring for you, so you can feel relaxed and comfortable at home. Home, sweet home!
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